About Us

About Us

At JC Economics Education Centre, our utmost priority is to deliver exceptional education to our students. We strongly believe in tailoring our teaching methods to cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Dr. Anthony Fok, our principal tutor, is a highly experienced economics teacher who is deeply passionate about guiding students towards success.

With over fifteen years of teaching experience in both MOE schools and private tuition, Dr. Fok possesses a profound understanding of the subject matter. He has developed a repertoire of effective teaching strategies to assist students in comprehending complex concepts. Additionally, he has authored several widely-used economics guidebooks that benefit students and teachers alike.

Our courses are meticulously designed to help students achieve their academic aspirations and excel in their economics examinations. We offer a diverse range of courses, including group tuition, individual tuition, and intensive revision courses. Conducted in an optimal group setting, our classes provide ample opportunities for personalized attention and tailored instruction.

In our group tuition classes, Dr. Fok himself conducts comprehensive lessons that cover all aspects of the economics syllabus. Employing various teaching techniques, he ensures that every student gains a thorough understanding of the material. Furthermore, we provide extensive notes and video lessons that students can access at their convenience, facilitating reinforcement of their learning. Additionally, students can submit their essays and case study practices for marking and feedback at any time, without the need to wait for specific assignments.

Our intensive revision courses are specifically designed to prepare students for their upcoming A-Level economics examinations. These courses delve deep into the economics syllabus, and Dr. Fok personally teaches them. Students will acquire examination strategies and techniques to seamlessly apply economic concepts and refine their answering skills. They will also be exposed to diverse types of examination questions and receive constructive feedback on their performance.

At JC Economics Education Centre, we firmly believe in providing a holistic education that transcends mere academic achievement. Our aim is to nurture a genuine passion for economics and foster a love for lifelong learning. Additionally, we offer career guidance and support to assist our students in making informed decisions about their future.

We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students, as we have a proven track record of helping them attain their academic goals. Many of our students have successfully gained admission to top-tier universities and embarked on prosperous careers. We attribute our success to our personalized approach to education, our dedicated and passionate tutors, and our unwavering commitment to our students’ triumph.

Our Approach

JC Economics Education Centre is a prominent tuition centre in Singapore that specializes in A-Level Economics. We offer a variety of programs tailored to students at different levels, establishing ourselves as the preferred choice for students seeking high-quality economics tuition. Since our establishment in 2012, we have garnered a reputation for excellence and have consistently produced outstanding results.

Innovative Teaching

One of the distinguishing factors of JC Economics Education Centre is our innovative teaching methodology, which seamlessly integrates essay writing and case study skills. This methodology has been honed with valuable insights from Cambridge examiners, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to excel in their A-level examinations. Moreover, we emphasize the application of economics concepts to real-world scenarios, fostering an engaging and practical learning environment.

small class sizes

JC Economics Education Centre provides an optimal learning experience through small class sizes, ensuring that each student receives the attention necessary to navigate their A-level journey with confidence. Additionally, we provide tailored summary notes that effectively distill essential information, enabling students to enhance their learning efficiency. Numerous students attest to the invaluable role these summary notes play in their A-level preparation.

Extensive range of programs

Our range of programs includes regular weekly classes, intensive revision programs, and holiday programs, catering to students at various proficiency levels. Whether students require assistance with fundamental concepts or aspire for top distinctions, our comprehensive approach ensures they are well-prepared for their A-level examinations and equipped with the skills necessary for future academic pursuits.

regular feedback provided

Lastly, our commitment to student success is exemplified through regular feedback provided to both students and parents. This feedback mechanism enables progress tracking and identifies areas for improvement, fostering motivation and focus among students as they work towards their A-level goals.

nurturing critical thinking

Our teaching methodology extends beyond the confines of the syllabus; we focus on nurturing critical thinking skills rather than solely imparting knowledge. This approach has proven to be successful, with many students expressing a genuine interest in the subject beyond the prescribed curriculum. This is further supported by our experienced and passionate tutors who inspire and challenge students to reach their full potential. Our tutors are readily available to provide individual attention and support whenever needed.

up-to-date classes

Keeping pace with changes in the MOE syllabus, JC Economics Education Centre offers up-to-date economics classes that complement school-based learning and reflect the latest syllabus revisions. As former teachers in Singapore schools, our tutors possess a deep understanding of the exam and assignment requirements, equipping students with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel.


Array of Resources

JC Economics Education Centre provides an array of resources to enhance students’ learning experience. These resources include past-year papers, topical revision notes, and video tutorials, which are easily accessible on our website. This accessibility allows students to access these resources conveniently, facilitating independent learning.